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Mrgr Fusilier & Mother Mary Grace Awards

Matthew Fontenot and Zanesia Bernard received the Msgr Fusilier & Mother Mary Grace Awards. These awards are presented to scholar athletes for their hard work in the classroom as well as on the field.

Fr. LaFleur Memorial Award

The Fr. LaFleur Awards, established in the late 1950's, are given to the senior male and femaleoutstanding all-around athlete who has strong Christain values and strong academics. Fr. Joseph LaFleur, an assistant pastor at St. Mary Magdalen Church during the 1940's, was involved with sports at Mt. Carmel. He enlisted in the service when war was declared and died a hero's death. The award reflects his athletic ability, courage, bravery, and his caring for his fellowmen. 2016 recipients of the Father LaFleur Award are Bella Doucet and Grayson Dubois.

Father Theriot Award

Father Theriot Award, established in 2002, is given to a male and female underclassmen athlete who acheived the "single most outstanding athletic year". Father Theriot served as assistant pastor of St. Mary Magdalen Church when Vermilion Catholic was built and later returned to serve as pastor from 1987-2002. He had a great love for sports at VC. The award reflects his passion for athletic excellence. 2017 recipients are Nick Langlinais and Ainsley Mallet.

Eagle Award

The Eagle Award, established in 2009 and donated by Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Harrington. This award is given to a male and female athlete who displays school & team pride, dedication, loyalty, commitment and is a true team player. The 2017 recipients of the Eagle Award are Alex LeBlanc and Taylor Abshire.

Tim Guidry Memorial Award

Kylie White was the 2017 recipient of the Tim Guidry Award. Presented to an individual who has given of themselves wholeheartedly for the good of their team. One who has faught for their school, their beliefs, and their dreams


Coach & Team Awards 2017


Harrison Vicknair, Austin Belaire, Hunter Betrand, Andrew Marceaux

Boy's Basketball

Tre' Lane, Peyton Theriot, Nick Langlinais, Ethan Lege

Nick Langlinais, JT Lege, Zach McRee, Grayson Dubois


Girl's Basketball

Ainsley Mallet, Jay Demouchet, Kelli Frith


Sadie Boudreaux, Cady Roberts, Taylor Abshire

Emily Gallet, JP LeMaire

Jenna Istre

Gage Broussard, Peyton Theriot, Austin Bourque

Basketball Coach
of the Year

Mike McCoy

Softball Coach of the Year

Jesse Faulk

Supporter of the Year

Paul & Erin Faulk