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Financial assistance and need-based academic scholarships are available.

Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and students who apply must meet specific criteria as outlined in the application packet.

Catholic School Tuition Lottery Program

To assist with the cost of Catholic education, the Louisiana State Council of the Knights of Columbus has a new program called the “Catholic School Tuition Lottery Program.” This free program helps pay for a child's Catholic school tuition. Members of the Knights of Columbus having children in a Catholic school are eligible to enroll their children in this free lottery. Non-members can also become eligible for the lottery by joining the Knights of Columbus. 

Each quarter we will randomly draw the names of four students, and if selected, we will directly pay their school $500 towards the child's tuition. The entry form stays in the pool of applicants, thereby providing the chance for the child's name to be drawn more than once. 
For information about this program or how someone can join the Knights of Columbus, please contact
Delmas Forbes at (225) 939-2980 or at