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Principal's Message | November 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we approach Thanksgiving and prepare for the season of Advent, we are focused on sharing our gratitude for all people that make our school community a special place.  From students and parents to faculty and staff to alumni and clergy, etc, the support of everyone has been extraordinary and serves a critical role in maintaining the mission and vision of our school by keeping our Catholicity at the forefront of our words and actions.  We are truly blessed by the work and dedication of each of you and all of those that have come before us over the past 137 years to build God’s kingdom at Vermilion Catholic, a legacy of Mount Carmel.

In order to ensure that we continue to preserve our legacy, the administration and leadership of our school is committed to the ongoing work of the Integration Committees.  Over the past month, meetings have been held to confirm accomplishments and establish priorities for our continued work in the areas of:  Curriculum, Technology and Innovation, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Athletics, Communications, and Facilities.  Additionally, there has been much work in the area of budgeting and finance.  More information regarding Tuition and Fees and ways that you can help to ensure the growth and long-term strength of our school will be forthcoming at the end of the month after our November Advisory meeting.

One recent point of emphasis and clarification with our committees has been in the area of branding and logos.  We are working to maintain “logo and branding standards” that will preserve the integrity, pride, and authenticity of the Vermilion Catholic brand.  In order to foster and achieve that goal, we will require all apparel and signage to be approved by school personnel.  If you are working with a team, club, class, etc., and need anything printed, please contact our Development Director, Mrs. Jessica Cormier, for logo approval and to assist with this process.

Over the next couple of months and into our holiday season, there will be many activities in the areas of academics, athletics, arts, and faith in the life of our school.  I look forward to seeing you at all of these events and continuing our work together as partners in the education and formation of our children.  May God continue to bless us all in our work and in our play - Go Eagles!

In Christ we soar!

Dr. Stella Arabie

Vermilion Catholic, a legacy of Mount Carmel, EMPOWERS students to learn and serve
Christ, ENGAGES students in a rigorous learning community, and guides students to
EXCEL in an inclusive, opportunity-driven environment.