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VC Work-Study Program

Vermilion Catholic, a legacy of Mount Carmel, offers a work study program that is open to all families of students in grades PreK through 12th in need of tuition assistance.  This program, The VC Work Study Program, is not a scholarship, but a partnership between Vermilion Catholic and families of enrolled students.  

Applications for The VC Work Study Program are available online through the FACTS Grant and Aid link located in the parent portal.  Applications must be completed each year to apply for assistance in the following year. Assistance through this program is based on need, awarded on a one-year basis, and is NOT automatically renewed each year.  All documentation requested in this application must be uploaded for the application to be processed and considered.

Once all applications are processed by FACTS, funds available in the budget, individual results, and the number of applicants are used to determine award allocations.  Based on these allocations, work study hours are assigned to families.  

During the month of May each year, families will receive notification letters of the award amount available and the work study hours to be completed for the award amount. Students and/or parents of students who receive this assistance are required to complete work hours on campus during summer break.

It is the responsibility of each student, and his/her parents, to ensure that all requirements of the VC Work Study Program are met.  If the required service hours are not completed, the award value will be due to the school, and the student will not be eligible for the Work Study Program the following year. Requests for extensions may be made for parents who work during standard work study hours, but tuition credit is not issued until all assigned hours are completed.  Any families who do not fulfill their work study obligations will not be eligible for tuition assistance for the following academic year.  

Work Study may include various projects to be completed around the school campus. Examples of projects include, but are not limited to, cleaning, painting, organizing, gardening, and other needed services to prepare the school for the school year.  Approved family members may contribute to the reduction of a student’s hours by volunteering to work at school as needed.  Professional areas of experience (plumber, carpenter, painter, electrician, etc.) are preferred.

**Academics: The student must meet the academic requirements of the school in order to be eligible for the VC Work Study Program.

**Conduct:  The student must be in good standing with the Dean of Students Office, with no major violations.  If VC deems that a student is not cooperative, the student will be sent home and credit for hours will not be counted.  A student who is sent home more than once will be removed from the VC Work Study program.